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Tour Itinerary

  • Day 1: Tarapoto: 01 day + 01 night

    Arrive by 11 in the morning to the energetic city of Tarapoto. From the airport, we’ll be moseying through the canyon of San Martín Region’s Huallaga River. We’ll follow the lush and winding jungle road for about an hour and a half until we reach the hotel on the bank of the river. Rich in fauna and flora, the banks of the Huallaga create the perfect oasis for the green areas at the hotel. Explore the grounds with a guide who will explain the names and uses of the plants and flowers. Take a leisurely boat tour along the river, and experience the rainforest from a different angle. If staying in a hotel inside the city, activities vary from a Tarapoto-City tour in the afternoon to a short trip to the Talliquihui cascades. Return to the hotel in time for dinner, savoring jungle classics like tacacho y cecina, patacones, and chonta salad.Things to remember:

    • Wear sweat-wicking clothing—the Amazon is humid
    • Bring insect repellent for thickly vegetated areas
    • Fully charge your batteries
    • Pick up sunscreen if needed
  • Day 2: Pucayaquillo Waterfall or City Tour: 01 day + 01 night

    Stretch awake in the Amazon and decide between two options: explore the city of Chazuta or venture though the jungle to a waterfall. Venture through The Pasiquihui Lands or experience the local culture at a pottery museum/chocolate factory in Chazuta. Alternatively, push through the rainforest on a hike where, after the hour’s walk, you’ll uncover a beautiful waterfall with a clear-water pool, with the possibility to rappel down if desired. Journey back to the hotel for a well-deserved night’s rest.Things to remember:

    • Leave room in your pack for bottles of water and snacks
    • Wear good walking shoes
    • Pack a bathing suit
    • Bring insect repellent for thickly vegetated areas
    • Check-in with your airline
  • Day 3: La Laguna Azul: 01 day (depart)

    Wake up in the Andean basin for the last day of adventure in the Amazon. Take part in a picturesque boat tour to reach a breathtaking Eco-Park or enjoy some self-love during a mud bath. The entire afternoon is free to enjoy your lodge, stroll around the lake, eat lunch, and snap some last photos of beautiful rainforest and mountains. Head back to Tarapoto to catch your evening flight to Lima.

    Things to remember:

    • Be sure to pack all your belongings

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Tour Guides

Rodrigo del Castillo
Rodrigo del Castillo
Travel Guide

I am Peruvian but have lived in the U.S. for quite some years. Tag along with me into the wild and I assure you that we will have an amazing time. I am all about going beyond what a tour is and really making a life-changing experience out of every travel.

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  • Day 1- Puma Rinri
  • Day 2- Posada de Sauce

  • Day 1: La Patarashca
  • Day 2: Posada de Sauce

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